Having recently moved out of NYC, Carly is now offering school visits and observations in the NYC area as a speech-language consultant. School visits and observations will allow outside, professional eyes to assess how a child is functioning within the classroom, and give feedback on strategies to help support that child.

Visits typically last 2 hours, and are accompanied by a follow-up call or e-mail, and a written report that can be used to help the parent advocate for any changes or modifications they’d like to see in their child’s day. Carly will remain an available resource for parents after the observation as they explore any additional ways to help their child achieve their best.

A school visit and observation may be right for you if:

  • You are concerned that you child is struggling to join in and play with classmates or friends

  • You feel that your child prefers to engage with adults instead of children

  • Your child’s teacher has reported that she or he has difficulty following the routine of the classroom, or participating throughout his/her day. This may include difficulty answering questions during read-aloud or morning meeting, difficulty picking and sustaining a play activity, or challenges initiating play and social interactions with peers.

  • You have concerns about you child’s ability to use language in a group setting (e.g., they talk a lot at home but are shy or reserved in school, at parties, at the playground or on playdates).

  • Your child struggles to engage in play that is not structured. For example, they excel at games with rules such a board games, but have a hard time with things like blocks, play kitchen, or make-believe.