Social Sprouts, SLP is a speech and language therapy practice providing Pediatric and Adult services in Upstate NY & Berkshire County, MA. Therapy is offered in your home (depending on location), at your child’s school, or in a mutually agreeable location such as the local library. Social Sprouts also offers consulting services and in-service training for families and those working with the special needs population. 

Individual Speech & Language Therapy  -- Speech & Language Evaluations 

    Individual speech and language therapy sessions for children and adults with a variety of speech and language impairments including: Autism Spectrum Disorders, Aphasia, Developmental Delays, Language Delays, Motor-Speech Disorders, Parkinson’s Disease, Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), Receptive & Expressive Language Impairments, Pragmatic Language Impairment, Sensory Integration Disorders, Emotional and Behavioral Disorders and Auditory Processing Disorders.

NYC Consultations & School Visits

School visits and consultations are a great way for parents to gain more information about how their child is functioning from a language and social perspective within the classroom. This is ideal for parents who are concerned that their child is not joining in and playing with peers, or have teachers who have reported that children are struggling to adapt to the play and social expectations of the classroom. School visits and observations will allow outside, professional eyes to assess how a child is functioning within the classroom, and give feedback on strategies to help support that child. Visits typically last 2 hours, and are accompanied by a follow-up call or e-mail, and a written report that can be used to help the parent advocate for any changes or modifications they’d like to see in their child’s day.

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Consulting & In-service Training

    We provide consulting services for parents, schools and therapeutic centers looking to expand their understanding of how speech-language therapy and be applied and utilized in a variety of settings. Our ultimate goal is to help increase functional communication and social interaction for children and adults across settings. This means helping patients participate and communicate at school, at work, at extra-curricular activities, and within their home and community with families and friends.

Facilitated Playdates & Sibling Skills

    Facilitated playdates take place in your home or the home of your child’s peer. These facilitated sessions are geared towards helping your child navigate play and socialize in a natural setting. Sibling skills sessions can take place in your home and are focused on helping siblings interact with each other in socially and age-appropriate ways. Sibling skills sessions also help parents support interactive play and engagement between their children. Both facilitated playdates and sibling skills sessions can occur weekly, or on a less consistent basis.