Social Sprouts, SLP is a pediatric speech and language therapy practice providing therapy in New York City. We specialize in social skills playgroups for children ages 3-10 years old, as well as individual speech and language therapy for children with a variety of therapeutic needs (e.g., receptive and expressive language impairment, late-talkers, motor-speech disorders, autism spectrum disorders, global delays, articulation deficits).   

To facilitate social skill development, Social Sprouts, SLP offers social skills playgroups that are organized based on age, language abilities, play skills and social pragmatic development. Theme-based instruction is centered around play, and incorporates movement and language based activities to facilitate a variety of social interactions between children. In addition to social skills playgroups, we provide facilitated playdates, special event support and siblings social skill sessions. 

Benefits of Social Skills Playgroups Include:

  • Joining In and Initiating Play with Peers
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Increased Eye Contact
  • Turn Taking & Sharing
  • Reciprocal Commenting and Question Asking
  • Negotiating Conflicts & Problem Solving
  • Cooperative and Collaborative Play Skills
  • Increased Social Confidence
  • Self-Regulation
  • Emotional Awareness in Self and Others
  • Increased Independence from Adults in a Group Setting
  • Building and Sustaining Friendships
  • Improving Conversational Skills